The purpose of these graphics was to create a win asset to use after each Ohio State football victory on Ohio State Athletics and Brutus social accounts. Each graphic was designed to be related to the school that was defeated. The project received much positive feedback and was featured in ESPN's troll of the week multiple times.
Week 1 vs. Notre Dame
Week 2 vs Arkansas State 
"After the game, Brutus, Ohio State's mascot, had the perfect Twitter post to summarize Arkansas State's afternoon."
Week 3 vs. Toledo
"Brutus, Ohio State's mascot, posted a graphic of himself in a rocket ship, a direct jab at Toledo's mascot."
Week 4 vs. Wisconsin
Week 5 vs. Rutgers
Ohio Stadium's 100th Anniversary game called for vintage Brutus to make an appearance.
Week 6 at Michigan State
"MSU's mascot is a Spartan, so Brutus, Ohio State's mascot, recreated the iconic "This is Sparta" scene from the movie "300" for an exceptional postgame dig."
Week 7 Bye Week
Week 8 vs. Iowa
Brutus poked fun at Iowa's offensive ineptitude on Twitter and added an extra dig postgame.
Week 9 at Penn State
Week 10 at Northwestern
Week 11 vs. Indiana
"The state of Indiana is home to the Indianapolis 500. Brutus, the Buckeyes' mascot, depicted how his squad zoomed past the Hoosiers."
Week 12 at Maryland
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